Gocheer 0.2mm 0.3mm 0.5mm Airbrush Accessories Airbrush Gun Nozzle and Needle Replacement aerograf

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This airbrush replacement nozzles and tips are of great quality, especially for a beginner. You can replace the airbrush nozzles & needles and make your airbrush work like new. 

Airbrush Nozzle Material: Copper Plating 
Airbrush Needle Material: Stainless Steel 
Diameter: 0.2mm; 0.3mm; 0.5mm   
Suitable Model: T-130; T-470; T-180; T-135; T-136; T-181; T-116; T-116A; T6; T6A (Choose Suitable Size) 
Height of Nozzle: 6mm / 0.24" 
Length of Needle: 130mm / 5.12" 
Item Weight: 15.3g / 0.54oz 
Package Size: 14 * 10 * 3.6cm / 5.51 * 3.94 * 1.42in 
Package Weight: 21.3g / 0.75oz 

Package List: 
1 * 0.2mm Airbrush Nozzle Replacement  
1 * 0.2mm Airbrush Needle Replacement  
1 * 0.3mm Airbrush Nozzle Replacement  
1 * 0.3mm Airbrush Needle Replacement  
1 * 0.5mm Airbrush Nozzle Replacement  
1 * 0.5mm Airbrush Needle Replacement  
3 * Plastic Nozzle Storage Container 
3 * Plastic Needle Storage Container
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